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Seafood from Norway

It matters where your seafood comes from

Norway’s cold, clear waters mean that our seafood grows slowly and develops a fresh and pure flavour. What’s more, the close working relationship between Norwegian fishermen, marine research institutions and authorities ensures our incredible resources are harvested responsibly and with a long-term perspective.

So choose Norwegian seafood with a conscience as clear as our waters, knowing it is both the responsible and delicious choice for your customers.

We take seafood seriously.

As the largest seafood exporter in the world and Europe’s largest fishing nation, Norway has among the world’s most advanced and well-established systems for responsible resource management, both in fishing and aquaculture. There are no coincidences here, but rather systematic work and strict regulations on all levels that ensure consistent quality, consumer safety and fish welfare with minimum environmental impact.

As a major seafood nation, fisheries are vital for our coastal communities and exports. So important that Norway appoints a Minister of Fisheries and Ocean Policy to control fisheries policy, regulations, and quotas, and our main resource for developing technical regulations, gear restrictions and day-to-day monitoring is the Directorate of Fisheries.

Our world-class resource management is underpinned by world-leading scientific advice from the Institute of Marine Research (IMR), which is collaborated internationally through the intergovernmental marine science organization, the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) to guarantee optimum sustainable use of marine resources.

Origin Matters.
Call it out to your customers.

“We believe that if customers understand where their fish has come from, and the lengths the industry is going to ensure the future of sustainable fishing, they will better see the value of your product.”

The Seafood from Norway trademark is a valuable provenance stamp providing origin reassurance for consumers and businesses, currently recognised by 25% of UK seafood consumers.

By using this provenance stamp on your products and packaging, you simplify consumer choice for Norwegian seafood products whilst adding value by highlighting provenance. At the same time, you benefit more from the local market investments made by the Norwegian Seafood Council to encourage consumers to choose Norwegian products.

Obtaining the license to use "Seafood from Norway" is simple and free to use. Learn more and apply for a license here.

Find exporters of Seafood from Norway to the UK

Norway is a proud supplier of seafood to UK consumers and our nation is the largest single exporter of seafood to the UK. To connect directly with those companies’ exporting seafood from Norway, visit our Exporter Registry.

Proudly sponsoring

Representing Seafood from Norway, we are proudly working with UK partners, across retail and hospitality – young chefs and the iconic fish and chip industry in particular – to develop the market for Seafood from Norway and together, unite and raise the awareness of responsibly sourced seafood, for the good health of the people and the planet.