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Seafood from Norway

Norwegian stockfish

With its characteristic taste and fine, firm texture, the Norwegian stockfish is a unique traditional product that deserves a place in today's food culture.

Nutritional information

Stockfish is rich in protein, vitamins D and B12 and iron.


Norwegian stockfish hangs out by the sea in Northern Norway on drying racks from February to May, and is available all year round.

Norwegian stockfish has a distinctive taste and delivers a history beyond the product itself, providing for the authentic seafood experience. The cod is sustainably caught by dedicated fishermen when the quality is at its best. It is dried outdoors on racks according to the long traditions of genuine Norwegian craftmanship, taking advantage of the natural conditions of Northern Norway to make a truly unique product. The drying-method is thousands of years old, and it preserves the fish perfectly.

The concentrated nutritional content of Norwegian stockfish makes its protein level the highest of any food. As much as 78.5 percent of stockfish is protein. In addition, the stockfish is loaded with vitamins D, B12 and iron. Also, for those who are interested in food and enjoy discovering traditional ingredients in a modern light, the stockfish is perfect. Its characteristic taste and fine, firm texture make it a unique traditional product which deserves a place in today’s food culture.

How to buy

Look for the Seafood from Norway logo to buy Norwegian stockfish, or ask the employers at the fish counter for Norwegian seafood.