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Smokey Pan Fried Norwegian Cod with Avocado Toast

Chipotle paste adds a hot smokiness to our cod, making it the perfect match for avo-toast in this deliciously simple brunch.

Cooking time20 min
Difficulty levelEasy



  • Brush the cod with the chipotle sauce.
  • Warm the coconut oil in a heavy based pan.
  • Add the cod, skin side down, and cook for around 2 minutes until crispy then flip it over and cook the top until the fish just flakes but is cooked through – this will depend on how thick your fish is.
  • Toast the sour dough and roughly mash the avocado on top.
  • Place the cod on the toast, sprinkle with salt and pepper and drizzle over sriracha sauce.

Cook’s Tip: If you don’t fancy the sriracha chilli which is a hot and tangy sauce, serve with a squeeze of lime juice.