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Seafood from Norway


Skrei is a premium, seasonal Norwegian cod, only to be found in the Northern part of Norwegian waters. Every winter, normally around January, the Skrei swims about 1000 km down to the coast of northern Norway to spawn. It is only available fresh in the winter months, when it is sustainably caught by dedicated  local fishermen.

Nutritional information

Skrei is perhaps the healthiest and leanest protein you can eat. It is rich in protein, vitamins A, D and B12, selenium, antioxidants and Omega-3s. A portion of cod for dinner covers your daily requirement of Omega-3.

Catch range

Skrei is fished off the coast of Finnmark down the coast to the spawning grounds off Vesterålen and Lofoten Islands.


Fresh Norwegian skrei is in season from January to April.

There are different types of cod in the Norwegian waters. Besides the skrei, you find a lot of coastal cod in Norwegian waters, which live more stationary along the coast and therefore is smaller in size. Skrei, however, is the leanest, most muscular, and perhaps the best tasting cod in the world.  

The story of the winter wonder fish skrei began back in the early 900s. Since then, this Norwegian Arctic cod has enjoyed a long and proud tradition in the service of our country and is one of Norway's most important fish species. Skrei is also the starting point for making stockfish and clipfish. 

Skrei fishing usually involved a number of smaller rowing boats that were owned and run by locals. From using nets and lines on more primitive boats, crews have gradually made the transition to motorised fishing boats with innovative equipment. This has led to major advances in the industry and more efficient Skrei fishing methods today. And what's more, our own guidelines ensure quality and gentle handling of skrei on board our boats, at landing facilities and during transport to the markets. 

Skrei is a fish with a unique story, exclusively from Norway. This white fish with a firm and snow-white flesh flakes easily and tastes delicious. These are all qualities that have made skrei a highly sought-after delicacy for centuries, both in Norway and internationally.