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Seafood from Norway

You get the best possible seafood

No matter what seafood it is, because it is Norwegian, you know that you get the best possible quality. Here's why.

Norwegian seafood is enjoyed all over the world

Norwegian seafood is quality seafood, and we are happy to share it. That’s why our seafood is being enjoyed across the world. The international importance of the industry is clearly demonstrated by the fact that Norwegian seafood travels to around 150 countries. We’re the second largest exporter of seafood in the world.

Perfect for both home cooking and fine dining

From catching, handling and eating fish for centuries, we know exactly how to treat and ensure the best quality in different fish products. Like the French smell their wine and distinguish countless nuances, our local experts have refined techniques to determine the fish’s quality, though its texture, look and smell. Not just the quality, but food safety is of the highest importance. There are strict regulations and rules for handling the fish, with continuous and rigorous tests. Just as importantly, we go to great lengths to ensure a clean and healthy environment for the fish to live in in the first place.

Every different fish species has its own primary market and continues to create food history all over the globe. Some Norwegian seafood products, like clipfish and stockfish, have been exported for centuries. Today, an intricate infrastructure is in place to ensure that all kinds of Norwegian seafood can be delivered and served fresh in every corner of the world whether in home cooking or fine dining.